Mobil- und Infopunkt Bad Kreuznach

Mobility and Info point
Bad Kreuznach

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Freitag, 16.09. 2022

Parking Day 2022

in Bad Kreuznach mit Unterstützung des Mobil- und Infopunktes
Samstag, 01.10. 2022
11-15 Uhr

am MIP

Mit unterstützung des ADFC

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Zur Radcodierung werden benötigt:

  • das Fahrrad, (bei e-Bike bitte Schlüssel zum Entfernen des Akkus mitbringen)
  • der Kaufbeleg
  • ein Personalausweis oder sonstiges Dokument
  • ein in zweifacher Ausfertigung ausgefüllter Codierauftrag. Diesen erhalten Sie auch nach Anmeldung bei: 


Park your bike

The bicycle parking garage with over 200 bicycle parking spaces is open to you around the clock. Your bike is safe with us! Thanks to an entry terminal, video surveillance and your own lock, the MIP is the safest place for your bike in Bad Kreuznach.

Your bike is sacred to you?
Book the extra-secured Very Important Bike (VIB) area.

Luggage locker with charging facility included in every annual VIB ticket.


Flat tube?
Replace it with a new one from the 24/7 bike tube vending machine.

Carefree, cheap parking, from 50 cents a day.


daily rate standard area0,50 €
Monatstarif standard area8,00 €
annual rate standard area80,00 €
daily rate VIB-area1,00 €
monthly rate VIB-area15,00 €
annual rate VIB-area150,00 €

How to book an annual ticket

  1. Download the SEPA direct debit mandate and the rental contract
  2. Fill in both documents
  3. Send them via e-mail to
  4. Altarnatively use the helpdesk function (bottom right)

Foto von E-Bikes bereit zur Ausleihe draußen vor dem Mobil- und Infopunkt
Icon Radverleih: EIn Fahrrad auf einer Straße und eine Uhr, dessen Zifferblatt ein Pfeil ist, der eine komplette Runde um die Uhr macht.

Rent a bike

At MIP you can rent Bikes by the day. We offer e-bikes, e-cargo bikes or even an e-rickshaw.

Das Icon eines Fahrradsbio-bikes

The classic for over 100 years. Be independently mobile no matter where you want to go with a comfortable 7-speed city bike.

daily rate: 15,00 €

Ein Icon eines E-Bikese-bikes

The fastest competitor in city traffic. With motor assistance, you won’t even break a sweat going uphill. Never stop and go again!

daily rate: 29,00 €

Icon eines elektrischen Lastenradse-cargo bikes

Our selection of different cargo bikes are suitable for shopping at the hardware store. But also for trips on the weekend, the models with its bench seat in the loading area are well suited.

daily rate: 29,00 €

Icon einer elektrischen Rikschae-rickshaw

With our e-rickshaw you will be an eye-catcher. With two people plus driver on the road to picnic, sightseeing, wedding party, company party; Versatile. Simply mobile.

daily rate: 29,00 €

Ein Foto eines Elektroautos der Marke Renault. Durch die Fensterscheibe der Fahrertür ist das Lenkrad und die Mittelkonsole des Fahrzeugs zu sehen.

Rent e-car

For longer trips or further distances, the MIP also offers a solution. Cost-effective, resource-saving and pollutant-reduced you are on the road with the 100% electric vehicles of the Kreuznacher Stadtwerke.

As a NaheENERGIE customer you get 15€ bonus on your booking!

If you are on the road in Bad Kreuznach with one of our e-cars, you can park in the parking garages for free.

Renault ZOE

Ein Blick in die Radwerkstatt
Icon Radwerkstatt

Bike workshop

Whether it’s a bio-bike, e-bike or cargo bike, at MIP you’ll find a fully equipped bike workshop in the city center.

Our professionals will repair small things during your shopping trip. And if it’s something bigger, you’ll be back home quickly by bus and train, even without your bike.

Our professional team is there for you.

Opening hours bike workshop

Monday10–18 h
Tuesday10–18 h
Wednesday10–18 h
Thursday10–18 h
Friday10–18 h

For those who do not yet have an e-bike, the e-bike store in the MIP offers a large, diverse selection.

The market offers the right tastes: from city bikes to full-suspension mountain bikes of the top class to family-friendly cargo bikes.

You’re sure to find the ideal model for you here!

E-bikes are suitable for people of all ages and for many people they have become a quality of life improvement.

Far away destinations become reachable, steep climbs lose their terror. The way to work or school is even easier with an e-bike and you can leave your car at home more often.

Curious? Let us explain the advantages of the latest models to you, discover suitable accessories or arrange a test ride with the bike of your choice.

Professionally trained staff is there to help you in word and deed!!

Opening hours e-bike store

Monday10–18 h
Tuesday10–18 h
Wednesday10–18 h
Thursday10–18 h
Friday10–18 h
Saturday10–14 h

KRN InfoCenter

beginning from 15.07.2022


  • Sale of tickets
  • Information on timetables and fares
  • Processing of subscription matters
  • Processing of inquiries, praise or criticism
  • lost and found office


KRN Kommunalverkehr Rhein-Nahe GmbH

KRN InfoCenter
Europaplatz 23
55543 Bad Kreuznach

Phone: coming soon

Opening hours

Bike parking

24 / 7

KRN InfoCenter

(bald verfübar)

Bike rental

Monday10 bis 17 Uhr
Tuesday10 bis 17 Uhr
Wednesday10 bis 17 Uhr
Thursday10 bis 17 Uhr
Friday10 bis 17 Uhr
Saturday10 bis 13 Uhr

Bike workshop

Monday10 bis 18 Uhr
Tuesday10 bis 18 Uhr
Wednesday10 bis 18 Uhr
Thursday10 bis 18 Uhr
Friday10 bis 18 Uhr

e-Bike store

Monday10 bis 18 Uhr
Tuesday10 bis 18 Uhr
Wednesday10 bis 18 Uhr
Thursday10 bis 18 Uhr
Friday10 bis 18 Uhr
Saturday10 bis 14 Uhr

Bad Kreuznach,
simply mobile.